The smart, simple and effortless solar system


Solar energy just got smarter

Imagine clean energy for your home or business that is easy, efficient, smart and beautiful. That’s SmartFlower.

Our mission is to create clean energy technologies that are pleasing to the eye, simple to install, even easier to use, and optimize efficiency. The SmartFlower achieves these objectives. It can easily be installed in a few hours and, because of its smart features, requires no effort once placed in service. And through its unique tracking system, SmartFlower optimizes the generation of solar energy throughout the day.

Advanced by design

  • Smart Tracking

    SmartFlower’s solar panels autonomously follow the sun so they’re always at the optimal angle to the sun, generating 40% more energy production than traditional solar.

  • Smart Cooling

    The system’s solar modules are rear-ventilated, keeping it cool.

  • Smart Cleaning

    SmartFlower automatically cleans itself every time it folds and unfolds. Brushes on the back of each panel remove any contaminants, leading to increased efficiency.

  • Smart Safety

    SmartFlower is weatherproof and continuously monitors wind speeds, automatically folding itself into a secure position to prevent system damage.

  • Smart System

    The integrated control panel automatically sends you data on your energy use via the SmartFlower mobile app, helping you decide how better to use your electricity (select models only).

  • Smart Use

    A fully integrated solar solution without the complex installation. SmartFlower is as easy to disassemble as it is to set up, so you can take it anywhere.

Standard Colors:



Custom Colors: $1,000 additional cost:







Other custom colors available on request for an additional cost



EV Compatible

SmartFlower can be used to charge electric vehicles thanks to easy integration with external EV charging stations. For organizations and companies, EV charging capacity is your "green business card," and is perfect for public spaces, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, small businesses, and more.

SmartFlower at a glance:

Energy output

Nominal output


Annual output


Self consumption

~<100 kWh/year

Physical Specs


4 fastening points Earth Screws or concrete foundation






Temperature range

-4° F — 122° F

Wind speed before automatically entering safety position 1 or 2

1 : >29 miles per hour
2: >39 miles per hour


Module performance warranty

25 years

System warranty

5 years

*according to STC standards

**depending on the region

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