Clean energy for all

No matter what you’re looking for in a solar solution, there’s a SmartFlower for you


The world’s most intelligent solar system

Our base model. A stunning photovoltaic system fully integrated with smart sun tracking, cooling, and cleaning features that effortlessly powers your world with clean solar energy.

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SmartFlower +Plus

Generate and store power whether you’re on or off the grid

Clean energy whenever you need it. All of the smart features of SmartFlower with battery storage, available as either an on-grid version or as a fully independent off-grid version.

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Efficient solar, brilliantly designed

No more unsightly black panels on your roof. SmartFlower’s design is inspired by nature, with an appealing, dynamic design that lives in harmony with its surroundings.

With four colors to choose from, ranging from contemporary shades to classic hues, and the beautiful curves of the base and panels, SmartFlower is an elegant statement of your commitment to sustainability.

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Take the next step to beautiful & clean energy

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