Bold, smart and easy solar for a sustainable home

A beautiful addition to your home, a greener life for your family

Your life, powered by SmartFlower

Hour by hour, day by day, SmartFlower delivers. Just one day of SmartFlower allows you to do any of the following:

Smarter solar for a smarter home

After it’s installed, watch it work autonomously.

For such a smart system, SmartFlower is incredibly low maintenance. After a quick installation, SmartFlower quickly adapts to its environment. Each morning, SmartFlower unfolds itself when the sun rises and automatically calculates the optimal angle to the sun, making it 40% more efficient in energy production than a static rooftop system. As it tracks the sun throughout the day to produce clean energy, SmartFlower maintains itself through self-cooling and cleaning. SmartFlower asks nothing of you--just to go about your day and use the clean energy it provides.

Which SmartFlower is right for you?


The world’s most intelligent solar system

A fully integrated photovoltaic system that powers your home with clean solar energy.

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SmartFlower +Plus

Generate and store energy whether you’re on or off the grid

SmartFlower +Plus gives you clean energy whenever you need it. All of the smart features of SmartFlower plus battery storage, available as either an on-grid version or as a off-grid version.

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SmartFlower vs. traditional

SmartFlower takes traditional solar to the next level

4 steps to your SmartFlower

  • Step 1.

    Set up an appointment with a SmartFlower representative.

  • Step 2.

    Your representative will find the perfect installation site on your property.

  • Step 3.

    A certified SmartFlower technician will set up and connect your SmartFlower in a few hours.

  • Step 4.

    Produce your very own clean electricity with the most stunning solar system in the world!

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