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The Botanical Gardens in Madrid, Spain offer children and teens an outdoor learning space called Nature’s Classroom. SmartFlower produces power needed to run activities throughout the day and into the evening.


At the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein, SmartFlower powers the café in the student union as well as walkway lighting for night time visitors.


SmartFlower is the perfect solution to power irrigation and lighting for both decorative and working gardens, whether at home, outside your office building or on a farm.


Restaurant Fond Rose in Caluire-et-Cuire, France harvests SmartFlower’s energy to create clean recipes inspired by organic and fresh ingredients from local vendors. SmartFlower reflects the restaurant’s all-natural cuisine while promoting a more sustainable future.


Thanks to SmartFlower, a car dealer in Europe reduces its environment footprint and saves on its electricity bill by using the sun’s energy to help power their brightly lit showroom and expansive lot.


State and local governments can be at the forefront of making their communities more sustainable.

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The world’s most intelligent solar system

Our base model. A fully integrated photovoltaic system that powers your organization with clean solar energy.

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SmartFlower +Plus

Generate and store energy whether you’re on or off the grid

Clean energy whenever your organization needs it. All of the smart features of SmartFlower plus battery storage, available as either an on-grid version or as a fully independent off-grid version.

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